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WhatsYourPrice Overview

Jeremy White

Let's start a review. WhatsYourPrice is a dating site with a completely unique premise where you can easily land a date with the most attractive and popular female members. Here are just 5 reasons to give WhatsYourPrice a try:

  • WhatsYourPrice was founded by the owner of, which makes the service even more trustworthy.
  • According to WhatsYourPrice, the average time it takes to land a date is just 3 days.
  • You can only bid for the date itself, which rules out the possibility of running into an escort.
  • The average price for a date is just $125, which is by no means exorbitant.
  • Bids start at $5, so if there is a mutual attraction, you can get a date for even less than you expected.

Overall Rating
of 10
Easy of Use:8.5/10
Quality of Profiles:8.7/10
Numbers of Members:8/10
Customer Service:8.7/10
Safety & Anti-Scam:8.6/10
Value for Money:8.5/10
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Number of Members
Quality of Profiles
Safety & Anti-Scam
Value for Money

Membership structure

Over 3 million people are currently signed up to WhatsYourPrice, and almost 5 million first date bids have been made to date. The ratio of men to women on the site is 60/40. There are 50 thousand weekly logins to the site. The majority of women on the site are in their late teens or early twenties, but there are plenty of eligible male and female members in every age group.

The first impression

The first impression of Whats Your Price is delightful. The site has a stylish and minimalistic design, the nice colors and clear interface lets you see that everything there is professionally done. The site contains much useful information and the positive expert reviews that you can see right on the first page. It is simple to use the site and figure out its functions as there are not many distracting elements and buttons to confuse you. All in all, the site appearance looks impressive and creates the desire to go on using it.

How to register a profile

The registration won’t take much of your time. The site needs only basic information about you to create your account. First of all, mention your gender as the allowance depends on this information. Whether you are going to give or to receive it. Next, WhatsYourPrice asks for your username, email address, password, and birthdate. That is all you should tell to have your profile set up. By the way, the registration is free.

Filters and selection

To make the luckiest choice you have to search for the right woman. How do you do that? Use the search filters! On website you are free to select women by age, appearance features of the size of allowance they dream to get. It is a smart tool that makes the matches more accurate. You can use a few at once to make the list of your potential sugar babies meet your demands even more.

whatsyourprice filters and search

The features

WhatsYourPrice was created for communication between men and women, so the main function of the site is communication. You can send emails to each other or send wings to flirt, start the conversation or draw a woman’s attention. You can browse the profiles and give the bids to try and date the ladies online. It will work as a kind of auction for you. Site is a little different from the other sugar daddy dating websites. However, its services are interesting and unusual.

Mobile app

Project doesn't have a mobile app so far. However, they are going to launch an app in the nearest future. Nevertheless, the site is still very convenient, and you can use it on any gadget. It is functional enough and provides the high-quality service.

The free version

Unlike the other sugar daddy dating sites, site focuses on the paid services and not on the free ones. By this, we mean that its free features are limited to registration. For any manipulations, including the matchmaking and looking through the list of ladies, you have to buy a membership. It is reasonable, and thousands of users accept these rules: the site has worked for 8 years already, and it is still going on. However, you can read the blog posts on website and get the knowledge of the latest trends in dating or figuring out the useful tips for using the site.

whatsyourprice pricing

The paid membership allows you to use all of the services which allow you to find a sugar baby. For example, you can communicate with women via messages. Here online dating starts. You can make bids on dates, start a conversation by making the bid, and if the lady likes you, she takes it and responds.

Pros/Cons of paid subscribtion

  1. useful services available
  2. making bids possible
  3. manual credits purchase

Safety and scam

You can pass the verification procedure if you want to. This will secure your profile from scammers and give you extra popularity among the ladies. You have to remember that it costs $50, but it is totally worth it. None of your data is delivered to the third parties, and all the personal information is encrypted for the better safety. The website has a Privacy policy so that you can read online to know all the details.

Customer support

The site has a 24/7 customer support, an FAQ page, and an address you may come to solve your issues, there are the links you can follow to discuss all the problems or your personal questions. Site's team is there to help the customers and raise the quality of their services.


Whats Your Price is one of the most decent sites in the sugar dating niche that exists today. It is modern; it is convenient in use and, what’s important, it has the development prospects. The site’s team is fast and accurate in helping all the users to reach their goals in mutually beneficial relationships. A lot of sugar couples has been formed thanks to this site, which makes it trustworthy.

The paid membership opens you all the doors to sugar dating. You can look for sugar babies, make the bids, communicate with the women and move them to the real-life dates. Here the payment is your guarantee that you will be able to speak to women who look for the allowance. Also, because of the credits you can take part in the auctions and win the dates with the most beautiful girls. Try WhatsYourPrice to get the relationship you have always wanted.

Frequently asked questions
How Does What's Your Price Work?

WhatsYourPrice is a dating site that allows you to find dates based on the amount of money that you can pay. You make an offer, and your potential date can either take it and agree to have a date with you or decline it. The more money you can offer, the more chances you have.

How Do You Get Paid On What'S Your Price?

WhatsYourPrice is a platform to establish the terms of the date and does not assist in the exchange of payment. Basically, you as a member does not get the provided offer from a date. Offers are used to determine the financial status of a potential partner.

What'S Your Price Average Price?

While prices on the site may vary significantly, an average price for a date is $80-$100. If a person is not satisfied with the amount of money in the offer, he or she can make a counter-offer with another sum of money for a date.

What To Expect From A What'S Your Price Date?

You can expect to meet a real person who looks exactly like a person on profile photos of your date. You can expect to have a perfect date with a person of your choice. Moreover, the site offers high chances of success for having a second date!

Is What'S Your Price Legal?

Yes, WhatsYourPrice is a legal dating website. You do not purchase people or participating in anything illegal or immoral like human trafficking. You make offers to demonstrate your financial capabilities and impress potential dates.

How To Make Offer On WhatsYourPrice?

To make an offer on WhatsYourPrice, you have to create a profile and wait for it to get approved. Then, you can look for partners that you like and click on their profiles. At the top of the profile page, you will find a section ‘Make Offer’.

Do You Have To Pay To See Private Photos On Whatsyourprice?

You can see private photos of members only if you make them an offer, wink at them, make them a counteroffer, or respond to a wink with a wink. Basically, you have to interact with a user to get access to private photos.

How Do You Look Up Sugar Babies On Whatsyourprice?

Most girls have detailed profile pages. Thus, you can look for dates on the site and check out their profile pages. You can find lots of women for dating who want to seek a sugar daddy. So, it is quite easy!

How Long Does It Take To Approve Account On Whatsyourprice?

Usually, after you submit all the information and upload your profile photo, it takes less than an hour to approve your account. However, it can take up to a day. It is done to ensure that each member on the site is real.

What Is A Gift On Whatsyourprice?

Virtual gifts on WhatsYourPrice can be sent via email or offer to Attractive members. Such a feature allows Generous members – those who make offers – to stand out from the crowd by showing generosity and desire to make a great first impression.

Is Whatsyourprice For Prostitution?

No. You do not buy time with women or men. By spending money on this website, you just demonstrate your financial success and ability to pay for high-quality time. The site has a detailed disclaimer that defines its services as dating and not prostitution or escort services.

Do Woman Pay Men On Whats Your Price App?

Women can make offers just like men can. However, there is no direct exchange of money. Neither men nor women can pay each other for dates. Nevertheless, there are lots of women who seek male dates, and you can become an Attractive member.

How To Edit Username Whats Your Price?

Unfortunately, you cannot edit your username on your own. However, you can contact Customer Support and provide your current username and username that you want to have. Please keep in mind that username changing is going to take some time.

Are People On Whats Your Price Real?

Yes. Every single person on the site is real. Each new account is manually checked and approved. This is why every new member has to wait at least 1 hour to get his or her account verified and confirmed.

Does What's Your Price Have An App?

Unfortunately, there is no mobile application available. Nevertheless, you can easily use the website’s mobile version on your device. It is 100% responsive to be used on most modern smartphones.

Geremy White
Jeremy White
Jeremy is an expert in the Sugar Dating area and a consultant on flirting and the psychology of different kinds of relationships. Jeremy creates content that delivers ideas clearly and makes it easier for our readers to choose partners and date.
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