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Guide #1. What Is Sugar Dating
Guide #1. What Is Sugar Dating
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Guide #1. What Is Sugar Dating

Latest update: Dec 15, 2020
Geremy White
sugar dating

So what are sugar dating and sugar relationships? Sugar dating is a type of relationship in which a wealthy, successful, and older gentleman is looking for a young, sexy, and beautiful girlfriend. Such relationships are usually based on mutual benefits – a girl gets monetary compensation for her company, while a man can spend some time with a beautiful woman. Girls in sugar relationships are called sugar babies, while men are called sugar daddies. This type of communication is highly popular in Western culture. But do not mistake sugar dating with prostitution! Sugar babies are wonderful, loyal, and honest girls who just want to make some money by helping single (or not) men who desire fun and pleasant experiences.

Sugar dating from the psychological point of view

So why do people look for such relationships? Wouldn’t it be easier for them just to look for serious and family-oriented relationships? Well, nothing is that simple! Men who accumulated wealth are very cautious about potential wives. You have probably heard hundreds of stories in which women divorced their rich husbands and took half of their wealth. So, it is quite reasonable and understandable that sugar relationships are quite appealing. Let’s take a closer look and find out why successful guys and young girls become sugar daddies and sugar babies!

sugar dating

What is it in for men?

Why men like sugar dating? What’s not to like?! You spend a great time with sexy and beautiful girls who are eager to do anything you arrange. You do not have to deal with drama and all this nonsense. Instead, you get the all benefits of relationships – pleasure, sex, a boost of self-esteem, and jealousy of your friends and coworkers. Here are a few reasons why sugar daddies exist:

  • Freedom – sugar daddies are free from the burden of relationships. No one forces them to do what they do not want. If a man gets bored, he can easily end the relationships without any problems or drama. While it may sound selfish, but the essence of sugar relationships is in pleasure and satisfaction of one’s needs and not search for true love!
  • It is effective – most sugar daddies are incredibly successful and wealthy. Although success and wealth come with financial responsibilities and work duties. In other words, sugar daddies are usually quite busy dudes. They need to have efficient relationships – meet, go to a restaurant, have a great time, have wonderful sex, and that’s all.
  • It is safe – men with money want to save their money. Gold-diggers are quite skillful nowadays, which is why sugar dating is a perfect opportunity to get what you want without risking your capital.
  • It is honest – a sugar relationship is honest and clear. You do not need to lie or pretend that you enjoy something when you do not. You share what you desire with your sugar baby whether she is up to your kink. Simple, brilliant, and mutually beneficial!
  • It is perfect for men who want to control everything – it is possible to say that conventional relationships are quite difficult to control. One should compromise to be successful in relationships. However, sugar dating is a different thing. Sugar daddies are usually the ones who have more power as they have a lot of money. Therefore, sugar daddies can easily make demands on how the relationships should develop as well as demand how sugar babies should look and behave.

What do sugar babies find appealing in sugar dating?

Now that we have covered men’s perspectives, it is high time to mention a few words about reasons for beautiful and young girls to become sugar babies. First of all, sugar dating allows women from all over the world to enjoy a high-end lifestyle. Secondly, it is a good source of money, and many sugar babies are students who just want to pay for their student loans. Now, let’s take a closer look:

  • It is a great way to make money – again, sugar babies can make up to several thousand dollars per date. Girls who become sugar babies can make a lot of money and enjoy an excellent lifestyle.
  • They want to have honest relationships – sugar relationships are all about honesty, mutual benefits, and open communication. There is no cheating or lying involved. Sometimes, it is what a person needs!
  • They do not seek something serious – if a girl does not want to start a family or find her one and only, sugar dating is a perfect opportunity to expand her borders and make some money!
  • They are bored dating local guys – sometimes, girls are just bored dating local men. Sugar daddies can easily offer their dates to travel all over the world, gaining new experiences and emotions!
sugar daddy with sugar baby

History of sugar dating: how everything started

The history of the concept of sugar dating is not that long. While its origins may be obscure, the first mentions of sugar daddies and sugar babies stem from the 1908 marriage between Adolph Spreckels, an American heir to a sugar fortune, with a woman 24 years his junior. His wife, Alma de Brettville called him a sugar daddy. Throughout the years, the concept of sugar dating has not changed dramatically – it has been defined as relationships between an older man who financially supports a young and beautiful woman. It should be noted that sugar babies were viewed quite negatively and were compared to gold-diggers. Nowadays, though, the situation is much better!

One may understand the very nature of sugar relationships. A daddy is a man who is responsible, experienced, and protective, while a baby is a girl who is young, small, immature, and needs protection. These definitions allow one to see the disparity of gendered power – usually, a sugar daddy makes all the decisions. Even though both sugar babies and sugar daddies have something that their partners demand, it is possible to see that sugar daddies are usually in charge of communication and hold the most power. They are the ones who make demands and define the development of the relationships.

Difference between sugar dating and sex work

Very often, people do not understand the difference between prostitution and sugar dating. For them, these things are the same. However, they are not the same. Sugar babies are not sex workers, and sugar dating is not illegal like prostitution. Let’s take a look at how sugar dating is different than sex work!

  1. Sugar dating is globally legal. No country prohibits sugar dating. It is 100% safe and legal to use respectable and popular dating portals and seek a sugar baby or a sugar daddy. Prostitution, on the other hand, is legal in most countries around the world, and websites that offer one to hire a sex worker are illegal and constantly shutting down. Websites with sugar babies are regulated and controlled to make sure that no one gets abused or offended.
  2. Sugar relationships are not about sex. Hiring a prostitute is all about sex. Sugar dating, on the other hand, pursues a completely different goal. While sugar relationships include sex, there is much more about such a form of communication. Sugaring is about companionship and mutual benefit. According to numerous opinions of real sugar babies, sugar relationships is not work – it is a lifestyle. Sugar dating is about finding a partner who can offer certain services and get compensation for such services. Some sugar relationships can avoid intimacy and sex whatsoever! However, these are quite rare, to be honest.
  3. The relationships are not forced. While prostitution involves women who are forced to sleep with anyone who pays, sugar babies are not forced to do anything. If a girl does not want to date a man, she just does not respond to his messages or tells him not to bother her again. Even though the economic power relationship can be very noticeable, there are no strings attached and one can easily end the relationships at any time.

It is also essential to note that sugar dating, similarly to online dating in general, is a very appealing place for scam and fraud. Unfortunately, there are examples of when sugar babies were involved in criminal activities or abuse. There are cases in which would-be sugar daddies scam young and naïve women, ignore their needs, ‘forget’ to pay, or straight rape them. There are also websites that would exploit young women into slaving as sugar babies. However, these sites are not popular and constantly being shut down by taskforces that fight against human trafficking and prostitution.

Sugar dating guides

The process of finding a sugar baby is very simple. If you want to know more, we have prepared this section with 8 great guides to help you understand all the specifics of finding a perfect sugar baby!

How to find a sugar baby?

So, how to start? Well, one of the most effective ways to meet a sugar baby is by using a sugar dating website. There are dozens of great platforms – you find more in this guide. Tinder-like apps and websites are also a great alternative as they allow you to communicate with a girl before having a date and see what her goals in relationships are. Advertising sites like Craigslist are also quite popular, although they may be not as safe as other options. Lastly, if you are a sugar daddy, then there is definitely one or two guys who you know who are sugar daddies as well. Just ask them to hook you up with a place where you could find sexy sugar babies!

Sugar baby allowance

As you may already understand, sugar relationships involve money. You basically have to pay for the services provided by your date. There are plenty of rules in sugar dating that you need to understand beforehand. Allowance is one of the main motivations of a girl to become a sugar baby, which is why you need to figure out how much and when to pay your lady! It is always a good thing to figure out all the payment details in advance so that you would not think about money. Take a look at this article – it contains all the required information about sugar baby allowance and how to decide when and how much to pay your magnificent woman!

Sugar relationships rules

Relationships are difficult as there are many rules that you need to follow. Sugar relationships, on the other hand, are not that complicated. While it is true that you have to follow certain rules, there are fewer of them and they are less illogical! So, what are the rules to have a perfect sugar relationship? Firstly, you do not need to be a jerk. That is a quite reasonable and common rule for any relationship. Secondly, you do not need to think of your sugar baby as your property. She is a woman with dignity who offers you her services in return for monetary compensation. You do not own her. Lastly, make sure that your sugar baby is satisfied and her demands are met. If you want to take a closer look at how to achieve a perfect sugar relationship, you are welcomed to review this article – you will find a lot of useful information there!

How to fill daddy’s profile?

If you decide to use an online dating platform to look for a sugar baby, one of the first steps that you need to do is to make a banging profile! You need to have a flawless profile image, a detailed description of what you do, who you are, and what you seek. You need to subtly convince all the sugar babies that you are better than other men on the site. It is essential to create an authentic and convincing looking profile that clearly communicates the needs of a sugar daddy! Be descriptive but save some facts about yourself for personal communication. In this guide, you can also find out about what to avoid in sugar daddy dating profiles, benefits from an impressive sugar daddy profile, and other useful information!

Setting up mutually beneficial arrangements

One of the most important and challenging things about sugar dating is setting up mutually beneficial relationships. Your date has to be comfortable and satisfied with every single detail of your communication. Start by asking your date about what she desires. Then, decide your budget, define your sexual preferences, and make sure that you can clearly explain what you seek from a relationship. Your sugar baby should understand what to expect from your communication. Clearly explain how much money your sugar baby would receive on a daily or monthly basis. In general, you need to communicate with your girlfriend to have proper relationships. If you want to learn more about how to avoid complications in your sugar relationships as well as other tips about beneficial arrangements, take a look at this guide as it includes all information you need!

Tips for the first date

What to do on a date? Well, you are in luck, as here you will be able to find all the answers!

  • Communicate with your woman. Make sure that she understands what you want and need
  • Be honest and open. Sugar dating is for those who need to embrace who they really are
  • Prepare for your date. Learn a few things about your sugar baby, figure out interesting facts about her hometown, and come up with interesting topics for a conversation
  • Respect your date’s boundaries. You do not own your date. If she does not like or want something, you should not force her to do that
  • Be a gentleman. Treat your lady with respect and kindness

As you may see, it is not difficult to have a great first date with a sugar baby. If you want to learn more useful tips for the first date, we recommend you checking out this guide as it will help you become a perfect sugar daddy!

Legalities in sugar dating arrangement

As we have mentioned earlier, sugar dating is legal, moral, and safe. It has nothing to do with prostitution or sex workers. It is not a criminal offense for people to look for sugar daddies or sugar babies. It does not matter how much you want to spend on your sugar baby – it is your business to spoil your woman. We highly advise you to check this guide as it will help you understand how to make sure that you have the best online dating experience and keep your finances in check for sugar dating!

Sugar daddy scams and how to avoid them

Sugar dating is companionship and great relationships. Unfortunately, it is also a place where people are getting scammed. Sugar dating should be about building relationships that are perfect for both partners. If you sense something fishy, it is a high chance that you are getting scammed. To avoid losing your money and time, you need to use respectable, well-known, and reputable dating platforms for sugar relationships. Take a look at this guide where you can find out more about techniques to spot and avoid scam!


So, now you know what sugar dating is! Finding a sugar baby is a wonderful experience that any man should gain. If you are looking for a sweet, young, and beautiful girl whom you can spoil and treat like a queen, sugar dating will be excellent for you. Just remember that sugar relationships are about mutual benefits. It has nothing to do with prostitution, escort, and sex work. It is a completely safe and legal activity for wealthy men who seek companionship!

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