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How To Find And Get A Sugar Daddy
How To Find And Get A Sugar Daddy
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How To Find And Get A Sugar Daddy

Bella Stewart
sugar baby meeting sugar daddy on beach

Do you want to try a mutually beneficial relationship with a successful older man who will take care of you, mentor you, and solve all your financial problems? The idea of having an older partner who won't have any problems with you going out with your friends sounds nice to you? Or, perhaps, you just want to try something new and the relationship with clear guidelines and rules looks interesting to you? Then we can say that a sugar relationship can perfectly work for you.

And now we will explain how to meet a sugar daddy and also answer some of the popular questions about sugar daddies.


  1. A mutually beneficial relationship with a sugar daddy is a perfect way to solve all the financial problems of a young lady—and finding a SD is not that difficult. 
  2. You can go offline or online, it's up to you: approaching them offline is much more complicated and stressful but it's definitely faster. 
  3. Meeting sugar daddies online is easy and very convenient, you just need a good dating site and a few hot pictures. 
  4. It's important to choose a trustworthy dating platform—SecretBenefits, for example, has a decent reputation and a large dating pool (with more than 15,000,000 monthly visits). 
  5. You can also find a sugar daddy on Instagram, but it's not that safe—legit sugar dating platforms like have ID/video verification tools and there are no such features on Instagram.
sugar daddy meeting sugar baby first time

Ways to get a sugar daddy: The Internet vs real life

So, how to find sugar daddy? To meet him, you can go online and offline. First, we will talk about where to find sugar daddy in real life. It might sound strange because there are dozens of good sugar dating websites and apps, but it’s still possible to find an SD offline. It is simply more difficult and time-consuming. 

Where to find a sugar daddy in real life?

To find an SD in real life, you need to go to places where you can find these men. On average, it’s successful and busy enough men in their 40s who want to be sugar daddies — so it is hard to meet them in tiny street cafes (yet still possible.) How to get sugar daddy in real life if you live in a big city then? 

Focus on the restaurants in the rich neighborhoods of your city and pay attention to rich-looking men in their 30s-50s. Don't dress too revealing because sugar daddies usually take their SBs seriously, not like the girls for one-night stands; otherwise, they would seek another type of woman. Additionally, they can take you to that type of woman and you will not get a long-term casual relationship with one of them.

Besides restaurants, you can try resorts. Resorts have a relaxed atmosphere and some kind of a relaxing charm about them, so it is even easier to attract men somewhere in the Hamptons than in the noisy city after a hard day’s work. And after all, aren't beaches the best places to show yourself in all your glory?

sugar daddy dating sugar baby

How to meet a sugar daddy online?

As we have mentioned earlier, there are two answers to the question “Where can I and how to find a sugar daddy”, but here’s the thing: it’s quite time-consuming and quite hard to find him offline. Visiting all those places and trying to meet a real sugar daddy (not a salt or a Splenda daddy) are not the easiest things in the world. It’s much easier and faster to do it online — that is what sugar daddy websites were created for. Here is the list of the 5 best platforms with thousands of sugar daddies:

  1. SecretBenefits. The biggest, the most popular, and one of the most reputable dating sites with more than 2,000,000 sugar daddies and mommas. 
  2. Ashley Madison. It's one of the biggest services for those who are looking for an affair, but there are lots of sugar daddies here, too. It was established in 2001, it offers lots of services, and it's a great option for those who are searching for sugar dating in the United States.
  3. WhatsYourPrice is another great choice for every sugar baby. Here, you will have the possibility to negotiate on the price of your dates with sugar daddies — the average first date incentive is $125 here, but you still can reach higher numbers.
  4. SugarDaddyMeet is another big platform with more than 1,000,000 sugar daddies from 20+ countries. It's a free website for sugar babies — you can buy a premium subscription here but you don't need to pay to respond to the messages from premium members (obviously, most sugar daddies are Premium on the SDM site).
  5. EmilyDates. Emily Dates is not as big as the previous platforms, but it's still worth attention. Easy-to-use interface, great customer support, new visits every day — EmilyDates is definitely above the average.

How safe are Instagram sugar daddies?

You can meet a sugar daddy on Instagram, too (as well as on Tinder and other services that are not specialized in sugar dating). However, it's not 100% safe.

The thing is, scammers can get the credit card details of the potential sugar babies, they can make SBs buy them e-gift cards (unfortunately, that's how social engineering attacks work), etc. They can send you fake CashApp checks and steal your money, they can make you send them some NSFW photos and then blackmail you with these materials — there are plenty of ways they can scam you. If you're searching for a sugar daddy on Instagram, you still can do it if you think twice about your safety — we would only suggest to avoid sending them any personal or financial information, and be careful with fishing attacks. And, we do not recommend choosing Instagram as your main platform for seeking SDs if you are a new person to sugar dating.

sugar daddy sugar baby relationship

FAQ for babies: answers you need for successful sugar relationship start

Now you know where and how to find a sugar daddy. But what features of a sugar daddy are important? How to talk to him and how to attract him? 

The answers are as follows:
How to talk to a potential sugar daddy?
  1. Be at ease. Sugar daddies want to feel comfortable when they meet their sugar babies — that is why they actually search for sugar relationships, — and if he feels comfortable around you, it will already be a half of the work at establishing your relationship. 
  2. Be a good listener — if he wants to talk about himself, listen and let him talk; if he talks about his work too much, listen and learn. 
  3. Show that you're interested in your sugar daddy (if you are) — that’s what most of these men are looking for. 
  4. If you’re doing it online and you are sure he is looking for a sugar baby, ask him about his previous sugar dating experience. Talk about what he wants, talk about the arrangements you two are most comfortable with, etc.
How to attract a sugar daddy online and traditionally?

Your charisma and appearance are the first things that will attract a man. However, you can increase your chances to charm a sugar daddy if you follow these simple rules:

  • If you're using dating sites, upload your best photos and create a great profile — you need to stand out from the crowd to attract them online. You need to always look your best, no matter online or offline. 
  • Manners are important. Some SDs are only focused on sex, but lots of them are looking for an interesting person, not for a sex doll. You'll probably be expected to talk about art, politics, and about all these things rich men talk with their women. Do not screw up when it comes to "high-level communication". 
  • Positive = attractive. A positive woman is what many sugar daddies need. Even if your SD may need a bold lady, a rude or pessimistic one is not the right person for sugaring.
  • When it comes to offline dates, always be on time. Sugar daddies value their time, and you can't just waste it.
  • Don't act like you need his money in the first place. Yes, money is among the first reasons to start a sugar relationship, but your sugar daddy will definitely appreciate it if you make him forget about it during the date.
What to look for in a sugar daddy?

The sugar daddy’s features that most sugar babies appreciate and that would guarantee you a pleasant relationship are reliability and attentiveness. A trustworthy and careful sugar daddy will never miss a payment or a date, therefore he won't create you any problems (he will solve them instead). With a reliable sugar daddy, you can feel secure about your financial situation. As for attention — he doesn’t owe you sweet romance or anything special every day: he just should show care about your life or mood (if you need such a partner or course.) Remember: if he's highly inattentive and only wants sex, you'll be emotionally tired of being in a relationship with him.

Another important characteristic of a good sugar daddy is his willingness to mentor a sugar baby. If he is a good mentor, he'll teach you some important things — probably even more important than the money he'll give you.

Bella Stewart
Bella Stewart
Bella registered on her first Sugar Dating site when she was 22. For the last 5 years, she’d experienced plenty of ups and downs in relationships with men, and now she shares her knowledge and tips with men and women interested in the sugar bowl.
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