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What Is A Sugar Baby
What Is A Sugar Baby
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What Is A Sugar Baby

Bella Stewart
cute sugar baby on beach

Much is currently being said about sugar babies and sugaring as the cultural and social phenomenon of the new era, however, like most other new things that have not become completely socially accepted yet, sugar dating is surrounded by myths and misconceptions. What is a sugar baby? The truth is sugar baby definition in a dictionary may not be enough to understand who usually becomes SBs, what they do, and why they do it, so in this guide, we’ll talk about them in more detail.


  1. A sugar baby is a young and hot woman (or a man) who wants to get financial support from a sponsor (=sugar daddy) in exchange for an intimate relationship that usually involves sex and companionship. 
  2. Sugar babies are involved in relationships that usually include communication, trips, visits to restaurants, etc—it's not only about sex for money. 
  3. There are even more myths about sugar babies, but most of them are not true at all (we'll cover this subject later in the article).
  4. Usually, sugar babies find sugar daddies online, not offline—trusted websites like SecretBenefits and have tens of thousands of potential SBs and SDs.
beautiful sugar baby on vacation

There are about 20 popular sugar dating websites on the US market. The most popular worth attention in 2022 are: SecretBenefits, AshleyMadison and WhatsYourPrice. The easiest way to start with Sugar Dating is to register in one of these websites and create a profile.

What is sugar baby?

A sugar baby is a woman who isn’t seeking traditional vanilla relationships but is looking for a benefactor—a partner who’d compensate her for her time. 

Note that sugar babies don’t provide sexual services. Sugar dating is just a new type of romantic relationship where companionship and emotional connection are still some of the main elements. It’s not just about financial transactions, gifts, and luxurious vacations. It’s also about going on dates, chatting, spending time together, and sharing. 

Note that though a sugar baby is usually a young and attractive woman, she isn’t necessarily unemployed. Many sugar babies are students or young professionals who care about personal and career growth yet are also seeking extra boosts in life and a higher standard of living right here and right now, not in decades of hard work. 

Most of them view sugar relationships as a win-win—SBs are most ladies who like mature, confident, and experienced men and also love the idea that such a man will solve their financial problems. They are often ambitious and just need some support at this stage of life, that is why they often try sugar dating which is about companionship, mentorship, romance, dates, and in most cases, intimacy if both partners are ready for it and want it.

What does a sugar baby have to do in a sugar relationship? Generally speaking, it depends. Both partners discuss what they expect from each other, but the most typical sugar dating scenarios usually include all the things that we mentioned above like companionship, support, regular conversations, etc.

Misconceptions about sugar babies

To see a clear image of the life and behavior of sugar babies, you should know the common misconceptions about these women. Here are the most common of them:

  • “Sugar baby” is just another word for a sex worker. And again, it’s not—intimacy is not the primary thing in sugar dating. Moreover, there are sugar daddies and sugar babies who prefer platonic relationships. In this case, a man pays for companionship and nothing but it. 
  • There is always a 30- or 40-year gap between an SB and SD, no exception. Of course, sugar babies are usually younger than their partners, but more and more successful younger men in their 40s and sometimes even 30s choose sugar relationships over other types of romantic relationships. So, the gap is rarely that large.
  • Sugar babies date only married men. Not all sugar daddies are married, and SBs always have the right to decide whether to date or not to date someone who already has a family or a long-term partner. 
  • Ladies who are into sugaring are good at nothing. Many sugar babies have careers, moreover, the most experienced of them note that sugar dating should never be the only source of income because a person can’t live happily without self-development.

Sugar babies are not like most skeptics view them. They are often independent, they can make their own moral choices, and they don’t have to date and get intimate with men they don’t like. Moreover, SBs usually spend much time on sugar sites to find a daddy they will be really attracted to—they want to feel that chemistry even in a sugar relationship.

pretty sugar baby on yacht

Daddy issues—another myth?

Some say that women who are into sugar dating “just have daddy issues”, i.e. have unconscious impulses resulting in affection to much older men. It is not exactly true, and let us explain why.

First, as we have mentioned above, it is a mistake to think that all sugar daddies are old. There are plenty of successful men in their forties who look for such relationships, too, and more importantly, not all of the younger or older sugar daddies want to date only 20-year old sugar babies. If you take a look at SBs’ profiles on one of the sugar websites, you will find out that there are a lot of women in their 30s and 40s looking for mentors, and they actually find them.

On top of that, many sugar babies have a rule—they don’t date men older than their fathers. Some may say that this proves nothing—women still date older men, and therefore, they have issues.

However, the reasons why ladies do it are more rational than unconscious. In particular, many sugar babies note that they choose sugar dating because:

  • They expect their sugar daddies to be their mentors, solve problems, give advice, share experiences, make them stronger and wiser.
  • They are attracted to more successful men who have that inner strength.
  • Some younger men don’t have much to offer them, and not only in terms of material things—they can be less confident, are more jealous and suspicious, don’t know how to compromise, etc.

As you can see, the motivation of women is perfectly rational.

Why some women find it so appealing to be sugar babies?

Why do ladies become sugar babies? Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • They don’t want to live the so-called traditional life. They just choose another path. It’s not only about money (which matters, too) but also about new experiences, better opportunities, and interaction with more successful people.
  • Attraction to mature men. As we have noted before, many sugar babies think that confident, experienced men can give them more than peers, in every sense.
  • Time for themselves. Contrary to popular belief, women can also be tired of traditional dating, constant texting, control, always keeping in touch, regular dates, and attachment at large, too. They want to feel free, and dating a sugar daddy from time to time, without jealousy or tons of expectations just works better for them.
  • Free “coaching”. As we have noted before, many sugar babies are looking not only for sponsors but also for mentors who will give them knowledge about the world, share their experiences, and have long meaningful conversations with them, too.
  • Things they could never afford. Even women who have careers and become “part-time” sugar babies note that they finally could get things that they could never buy before, stay in 5-star hotels, have dinners at fancy restaurants, wear designer clothes, etc. It would be a mistake to underestimate this reason, of course.
beautiful sugar baby laughing

As you can see, it’s not only about money—there are a lot of other reasons why women start to date sugar daddies.

How can sugar babies and daddies meet?

Finding a sugar baby in real life is possible. If a man is lucky enough, he can meet her in the bar, at the office, at the party, through friends, and at plenty of other places. Still, it’s not so common. After all, not all the girls would accept such an offer without hesitation and prejudice. That’s why most men look for sugar babies online, on niche sugar dating sites. Creating an account on such platforms is often the first step that a lady takes to become a sugar baby as she knows that this is the fastest, easiest, and more importantly, the safest way to find SDs.

Nowadays, there are multiple sugar dating sites to choose from. However, every SB or SD needs to choose the right website with many real members to succeed. You can find the top sites on—we have reviewed a lot of the best platforms on the market in detail, so feel free to use this information to make the right choice.

Bonus: Types of relationship sugar babies seek

It is much easier to make the right choice when you know the options. Below, you can find the classification of relationship sugar babies may look for—consider the information about every type of dating when starting your journey to the world of sugar dating:

  1. Platonic relationships. Surprisingly, not all sugar daddies are looking for intimacy. There are fewer of them, but they are still real. So, there are sugar babies who are ready to give their partners a lot of positive emotions, care, and support, but aren’t seeking intimate relationships with them, at least in real life. 
  2. Traditional sugar relationship. It most closely resembles traditional romantic relationships. Partners spend time together, enjoy their dates, and build an emotional connection, but one of the partners, namely a sugar baby, receives financial compensation for her time. 
  3. Mentorship. As we’ve noted previously, many women are seeking not only sponsors but also mentors who can help them solve their life problems, share their knowledge and experience.
  4. Online relationship. Some daddies are ready to pay for online dates, conversations, etc. without even meeting a sugar baby in real life. However, in this case, both babies and daddies should be careful when sharing videos and photos to avoid blackmailing.
  5. Serious relationship. Marriage and long-term relationship is not usually a goal neither for sugar babies, nor for sugar daddies, but it happens. Generally speaking, seeking marriage is not the right strategy for a sugar baby, in particular, because if this is her priority, she cannot even be considered an SB.

So, as you can see, there are different sugar babies, and they may look for different relationships with sugar daddies. The easiest way to have a legitimately good sugar dating experience is to set your priorities and find a partner who shares your views of a perfect sugar relationship. 

Bella Stewart
Bella Stewart
Bella is a sugar baby with over 5 years of experience. She signed up for her first sugar dating website when she was 22, met many successful men, including actual millionaires, and now, she’s sharing her knowledge, secret tips, and useful insights into the sugar world with visitors of
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