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sudy app sugar baby
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Sudy App
Sudy App
Sudy App Review
91% Girl's reply rate
9436 Girl's online
  • Owner: Sudy Limited
  • Devices you can use it on: Android and iOS
  • Free or paid: Free (for sugar babies only)
  • Why choose Sudy app: 2,500,000 sugar babies and 500,000 sugar daddies, ID verification for sugar babies, income verification for sugar daddies, lots of communication tools

Sudy App Overview

sudy site

Launched in 2015, Sudy now has more than 3,000,000 users. This app is so focused on sugar dating even its inner currency is called "sugar" instead of "credits"—but that’s not what makes it one of the best SD apps. If you want to know more about the strong and weak sides of Sudy, read this Sudy app review—we’ll talk about all the important details here.

Sudy App
Overall Rating
of 10
Easy of Use:8/10
Quality of Profiles:8/10
Numbers of Members:8/10
Customer Service:8/10
Safety & Anti-Scam:9/10
Value for Money:9/10
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Number of Members
Quality of Profiles
Safety & Anti-Scam
Value for Money

Sudy essentials: registration and filling the profile

To create a profile on Sudy, you’ll need to enter your contact details, your income, location, and occupation. After that, you will have to answer a few questions, describe yourself and your ideal first date, and write a few greeting words. When it's done, your account will be created. The ID verification is not required, so you can start using Sudy app right after registration.

When your Sudy dating app profile is created, you can upload some photos, write or edit a profile description, and send messages to other members of the site.

Member structure and profiles

According to the Sudy main page, there are more than 3,000,000 members on this app and most of them are sugar babies. The ratio is about 80% to 20% and it's a usual ratio for sugar dating apps—and Sudy is not an exception. Most sugar daddies here are in their 40s, while most sugar babies are 20-25 years old. The profiles look active but not all of them are detailed.

sudy sugar baby profile

Sudy features: interaction, search, and others

Sudy dating app offers a long list of free and premium features, but the best thing about it is that messaging is totally free here for women. Basically, sugar babies don't need to pay for anything to communicate with sugar daddies, but that's not the only free feature Sudy app offers. Here is the full list of free services:

  • Profile creation and customization 
  • Sending messages to sugar daddies 
  • Searching and browsing profiles
  • Posting Moments (similar to Instagram Stories) 

The assortment of paid features is much wider:

  • Unlimited messaging 
  • Comments on Moments 
  • Viewing private content (photos and videos) 
  • Viewing contact info 
  • Viewing who has visited your profile 
  • Anonymous browsing 
  • Sending "Sugar" 
  • Better ranking in search results
sudy presents

Pricing policy

The premium subscription allows you to send messages without any limits, view contact info, and view private videos/photos of other members. Sudy app accepts such payment methods as credit cards, Paypal, and WeChat—and here's how much the premium subscription costs: 

  • 1 month–$70 
  • 3 months–$170 
  • 6 months–$250 

Of course, there is a Premium Baby account for sugar babies—this type of subscription gives access to the same features and services as the premium subscription for sugar daddies, but it's cheaper. Here's how much it costs: 

  • 1 month–$15 
  • 3 months–$35 
  • 6 months–$50 

There are also Sudy Coins here—these coins can be exchanged for "Sugar" and the more Sugar you buy, the higher is your Wealth Rank (for sugar daddies) or your Glamour Rank (for sugar babies). The coins can be earned through completing various in-app tasks, but they are not that expensive. Here's the price: 

50 coins
700 coins
2000 coins
16000 coins

Safety measures

Although ID verification is not required, most sugar babies verify their profiles in order to send messages for free. This is why it would be correct to say that there can be fake sugar baby profiles on the Sudy app, and if you only focus on the profiles with verification badges, the chances are extremely low that you'll find a fake account. 

Customer support

According to the majority of Sudy reviews, everything is ok with the customer support of this app. The support specialists respond quite fast and they are available 24/7—the only problem here is that there is no live support chat so you only can contact them via email.

Final evaluation of the Sudy app

Sudy app is not the biggest nor the most popular sugar dating app in the world, but it’s just great. More than 3,000,000 users, lots of premium features, an interesting “Wealth Rank”/“Glamour Rank” system, ID verification, high safety level—this app is worth trying for those who are into the sugar dating lifestyle. 

  1. Free for sugar babies
  2. Millions of users
  3. Most sugar babies have verified profiles
  4. Wealth/Glamour Rank system which is quite fun

Sudy app is an example of a neither-perfect-nor-too-bad dating app. It’s free for sugar babies, it offers a wide assortment of paid and free features, the app itself looks great, and its reputation is quite good. If not for crashing, freezing, absence of live support chat, and some other minor downsides, this app has all the ingredients that could make it one of the top 3 sugar dating services on the market. Until these problems are solved and fixed, Sudy is just one of the great SD apps—but not the greatest one. 

Are there any unique features on Sudy?

Yes. You can buy Sudy Coins, exchange them for "Sugar", and then, you can present it to other users. The more sugar you buy or get, the higher your Wealth or Glamour rank is, and the easier it is to find your profile.

Is Sudy a separate application or is it a website?

It’s the same thing—Sudy app is just a convenient option for those who prefer mobile dating. The database of users is the same and the number of services and features is the same for mobile and PC users.

Is Sudy app free for sugar babies?

Yes, it’s totally free for those who are searching for a sugar daddy. If you want to use Sudy app for free, you’ll need to verify your identity first. 

How to delete my Sudy account?

Go to settings, then click "My Account", and "Deactivate" or "Delete"—if you choose the first option, you'll be able to restore the profile later.

Do I need to buy coins?

All the basic services are available even if you have 0 coins. But if you like that competitive feeling and feeling of pleasure when you get someone a gift, you need to buy them. Another important thing is that your profile will be ranked higher if you buy a lot of coins.

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