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luxy app sugar baby
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Luxy App
Luxy App
Luxy App Review
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  • Owner: SOURCE Luxy Inc.
  • Devices you can use it on: Android and iOS
  • Free or paid: Paid
  • Why choose Luxy app: Income verification, high safety level, 2,000,000 members, dating app for the top 1%, 41% of members are millionaires

Luxy App Overview

Vernon Marshall
luxy site

The Luxy dating app is a rare example of a dating app designed exclusively for very wealthy people. Established in 2014, Luxy calls itself a "millionaires' matchmaker"—and this is not just words because, according to the official information provided by Luxy, 41% of members are millionaires. But this isn't the only advantage of this service—and here, we'll talk about both strong and weak sides of the Luxy app. Read this Luxy review to find out if Luxy is a good choice for sugar dating and if it's really worth the money!

Luxy App
Overall Rating
of 10
Easy of Use:7/10
Quality of Profiles:8/10
Numbers of Members:10/10
Customer Service:8/10
Safety & Anti-Scam:8/10
Value for Money:7/10
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Number of Members
Quality of Profiles
Safety & Anti-Scam
Value for Money

Luxy essentials: registration and filling the profile

The registration process on Luxy dating app differs from how it usually works with dating apps. First, you will enter your contact information and upload a photo, and then, you'll need to wait for 24 hours. During these 24 hours, the existing Luxy users decide if you're good enough to become a new member of this dating platform. They vote "Yes" or "No"—and if at least 50% of users vote "Yes", you'll be able to continue the registration (if more than 50% vote "No", you will not be able to create a profile).

Then, you'll be able to write the profile and upload more photos. When it's done, you can either chat with other members (only with the ones you've matched with in "Play" mode) or send them messages (only if you have a premium subscription).

Member structure and profiles

In 2021, Luxy dating app has more than 2,000,000 users and more than 60% of them make at least $200,000 a year. The majority of members are women (the ratio is about 60% to 40%), and most members have very detailed profiles—these people know what they want and most of them use the Luxy app actively.

luxy app members

Luxy features: interaction, search, and others

Taking into account the strategy and philosophy of Luxy, it makes sense that the number of free services offered by this app is not that high. The main focus is on paid members and premium features—and here's the list of these features and services:

  • Unlimited messages to anyone no matter whether a match is made (Black subscription) 
  • Unlimited messages to matches only (Luxy Plus subscription) 
  • Sending a bouquet of roses 
  • Sorting matches ("Verified first", "Highest income first") 

If you have a standard subscription (free), you are not limited to browsing the profiles—here's the list of free features and services offered by the Luxy dating app: 

  • Replying to messages 
  • Search filters 
  • Sending a rose 
  • Uploading photos 
  • Viewing all the photos and photo albums 
luxy app chat

Pricing policy

The subscription system used on Luxy can look a bit complicated at first sight, but it's actually not too complex. First, you can buy a BLACK subscription that allows you to do basically everything, from sending unlimited messages to making women feel appreciated by getting them bouquets of roses. The prices are as follows: 

1 month–$100 

3 months–$240 

6 months–$354 

But it's not only about premium subscription—you can also buy coins to boost your profile and to rank higher in search results. Here's how much the coins cost: 

20 coins
200 coins
2,000 coins
5,000 coins
20,000 coins

There are three payment methods accepted by Luxy—credit cards, Paypal, and Bitcoin.

Safety measures

When it comes to safety, Luxy performs like a solid AAA project. It's one of the safest dating sites in the world, which is obvious because of its philosophy—a website for the top 1%, whether it's a dating site or not, must be safe to stay on top. There is an ID verification and income verification on Luxy, and it’s almost impossible to create a fake account here.

Customer support

Unfortunately, there is no live chat here so you can't chat with the support specialists to get your profile solved ASAP. You can send them a message in the app, or you can send them an email—according to most Luxy app reviews, the support specialists work in a very professional manner.

Final evaluation of the Luxy app

If you're into luxurious dating, if you want to date a woman or man of the same financial status as you, Luxy dating service can be a great choice. If you simply want to try something new and you meet all the Luxy requirements, it can also be a good option. But if you're into sugar dating, Luxy is certainly not the right app for you. 

The point is, one of the first things you can see on their main page is "No Sugar Babies Or Sugar Daddies"—Luxy is a dating service where very wealthy people build relationships with other wealthy people (or with "like-minded people" as they said). Sugar dating is not allowed on Luxy which means you'll most likely be banned once you start talking about SD with potential sugar babies/daddies/mommas: if they report about it, of course. 

  1. Luxy dating app has more than 2,000,000 members
  2. Concept and philosophy
  3. Free chat (in case you’re replying to the messages)
  4. iOS and Android app versions
  5. Great safety level

Luxy is very good as a dating app, it’s just great when it comes to VIP dating, and it’s definitely not that good when it comes to sugar dating. Technically, you can find a SB/SD on a Luxy app, but it’s very risky here—if they catch you, you’ll never be able to create another profile on Luxy. In general, it’s a decent VIP dating app—and at the same time, it’s a perfect example of why ordinary dating sites will never be as good at sugar dating as specialized platforms. Still, it’s totally worth trying because it has a lot of strong sides.

Are there any unique features on Luxy?

Yes, there are plenty of them. You can visit profiles anonymously, you can video chat with the girls, and you can hide your profile from other members.

Is Luxy a separate application or is it a website?

This app is the mobile version of Luxy dating site with all the same features and services that are offered by the PC version of the site.

Is Luxy app free for sugar babies?

No, this app is not free. What’s more, it’s not recommended to tell them you’re a sugar daddy because they ban accounts for sugar dating.

How to delete an account on Luxy app?

Click "More", then click "Settings", find the "About Lucy" button, then click "Delete" or "Deactivate"—if you choose the second option, you'll be able to restore your profile later.

Is Luxy app a good choice for sugar babies?

We can’t say that it’s the best option for sugar babies/sugar daddies. It’s possible to not get banned for sugar dating, but in most cases, they ban and delete such accounts quite soon. 

Vernon Marshall
Vernon Marshall
Within the previous 4 years, Vernon, the founder and owner of a VIP sugar dating agency, has helped over 300 people seeking something more than vanilla relationships find their perfect partners. Being an expert in the field, he is our core advisor when it comes to making ratings and reviews.
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