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SecretBenefits girl
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SecretBenefits Review
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  • Stylish and minimalistic dating website
  • Hosts up to a million users online
  • Offers a fair range of communication tools
  • Uses flexible credits system of payment

SecretBenefits Overview

Bella Stewart
Secret benefits login page

The decision whether to join or skip another dating site is always subjective and based on a number of factors, but here are 5 facts about SecretBenefits that will definitely make you want to sign up:

  • The purpose of the site is clearly defined, so you can rest assured other members are looking for the same type of relationship as you do.
  • With a credit-based system, you pay only for the features you use, not for simply being a member.
  • Profile verification makes it easier for you to trust other members and allows you to make your own profile more visible.
  • Owners of verified profiles also get priority access to customer support.
  • Members can make some of their photos private and grant access only to the users they trust.

Overall Rating
of 10
Easy of Use:9.8/10
Quality of Profiles:9.9/10
Numbers of Members:9.9/10
Customer Service:9.9/10
Safety & Anti-Scam:9.9/10
Value for Money:10/10
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Number of Members
Quality of Profiles
Safety & Anti-Scam
Value for Money

Membership structure

There are over 1 million members signed up for SecretBenefits, with around 700 thousand of them being from the United States. There are approximately 14 thousand users logging into the site daily. The age and gender distribution is mostly standard for sugar dating sites: there are around three times more women than men on SecretBenefits. The most popular age group for women is 18 to 24, while most men on the site are 45 and older.

The first impression

Secret Benefits is definitely one of the most stylish websites. You’ll hardly experience any difficulty as a new member—everything is very intuitive, and all the main features are accessible with just one-two clicks. The design of Secret Benefits is light and bright, which brings dozens of positive associations and more importantly confidence that you will find the right partner.

secretbenefits members

Secret Benefits reviews show the site is simple. It basically consists of the landing page that lists the main features of the website and offers you to register for free. And that is the great thing about the site – it is not overloaded with useless information.

The registration

Secret Benefits has a simple and quick registration. It doesn’t require much information from you. Just be ready to provide the following information:

  • Email and password
  • Username
  • Age
  • Location
  • Ethnicity and body type

The registration process takes just a few minutes. You don’t have to add a photograph to your profile. However, the chances to find the right girl increase if you do so. Secret Benefits login is fast and easy, so you can start looking for a girl to date within seconds.

All the profiles on the website are verified. But interestingly enough, the website doesn’t ask for wealth verification.

secretbenefits verification

Secret Benefits uses photo verification scheme to check all of its users. This way you get assurance that you talk to the real woman.

Secret Benefits offers a standard list of filters to seek for the partner. You can choose a woman based on some basic criteria like the location or apply more extended filters. The results will be accurate in any case, so you’ll be able to sort profiles of users who meet your expectations easily.

secretbenefits search filters

The website’s interface is stylish and elegant. That means that even the layout of searching results is pleasing to the eye.


Communication is the key point in dating venues. Secret Benefits dating site definitely knew about it and paid huge attention to the development of messaging tools. Here is an example of one of the Secret Benefits profiles.

The communication system is simple yet effective. There’s a modern online messenger, and members can start conversations in real-time or send emails to members they like. Of course, you can also attach media files. Still, chatting here is paid. The website uses the credits system to cover communication expenses. That means that you’ll need to get some credits—the virtual currency that can be spent on unlocking conversations with anyone you like. 

secretbenefits chat

That’s the widely used scheme in this segment of the online dating market. The good news is that you won’t have to spend credits on every message you send. You spend 10 credits just once when you’re contacting someone new. All the following messages sent to this particular user get free for you. 

The mobile application

Does Secret Benefits have an app? Unfortunately, the Secret Benefits app is under development right now, but users can still use the mobile version of the website on their devices. Hopefully, the app will hit the market soon.

What does a free version allow?

As a Standard member, you can set up an account, improve and customize your profile, use search, and access profiles. Still, all the chatting requires credits. With virtual money, you will also get access to the private photos of girls. However, some of them might choose their pictures to be public and visible for all for free.

secretbenefits female bio profile

On the other hand, women have entirely free access to the website.

Due to the paid options Secret Benefits dating site can ensure that their environment is safe and friendly for all Premium users. 

As it was already mentioned, the website requires credits. You can buy them in packages. Each of the communication options requires a particular number of credits. The benefit of the system is that you can top up your balance at any time when you really need that.


The credits price is the following:

  • 100 credits for $59.00;
  • 500 credits for $169.00;
  • 1000 credits for $289.00;

Credits allow you to feel comfortable on the website. Whenever you need to continue the conversation, you just have to buy more of them and continue messaging.

Pros/Cons of paid subscription

  1. Convenient and flexible credits system
  2. Access to the gallery of hot women
  3. Wide range of communication tools to match
  4. Powerful searching algorithms

Scam and protection

Secret Benefits stores the personal information you provide but shows it exclusively to the members of the website. This data is basically needed for you to match with others. However, the website doesn’t share the personal information with third parties.

Secret Benefits has an acceptable privacy policy with which you can get acquainted. The company in an easy language describes all the information it stores and the purposes for it.

Customer support

Though it may not seem to be the most important part of our Secret Benefits review, the quality of support services matter a lot. If you face a problem, you should be sure that it will be solved easily and in the shortest time possible. Secret Benefits support is available 24/7. Now, the only way to contact the support team is to fill in the form on the site and describe the issue. Though there’s no hotline, you can expect the team to reach you back in just a few hours.


Secret Benefits is a new approach to online dating. The website is simple and minimalistic. It doesn’t overload users with lots of unnecessary features and tons of information and is focused only on the most significant points in online dating. It provides users with quick services and effective tools, matching thousands of singles.

The major advantage of Secret Benefits is that the website offers a database of real users. The platform verifies all users to ensure a safe environment is provided to all users. So, when using Secret Benefits dating site, you can be sure to be protected from scamming.

The con of the website is that it doesn’t have a mobile app yet. However, it’s under development, so, hopefully, it will be presented soon. And for now, users can try out the mobile version of the website on their gadgets.

So, Secret Benefits is definitely one of the top players in the sugar segment of the online dating market. It can become an amazing first website for the users, who are new to online dating but also satisfy the needs of professionals in the field.

Secret Benefits is a legit online dating platform created specifically for men who are eager to interact with sugar babies. This site has been around for many years, during which it has gained the reputation of a leader on the market of online dating.

Frequently asked questions
Is Secret Benefits Legit?

Secret Benefits is a legit online dating platform created specifically for men who are eager to interact with sugar babies. This site has been around for many years, during which it has gained the reputation of a leader on the market of online dating.

What Is Secret Benefits Website?

Secret Benefits website is designed for people who are into sugar daddy-sugar baby relationships. In other words, if you are a successful and mature man who wants to sponsor some young, beautiful girl, this site is perfect for you! Similarly, if you are a woman who seeks relationships with mature and successful men, use this platform!

How Much Is A Secret Benefits Membership?

This website implements a popular credit-based system. You can purchase credits in three available packages: 100 credits for $59, 500 credits for $169, and 1000 credits for $289. The more credits you buy, the less you pay per credit.

What Does It Mean When An Account Is Pending On Secret Benefits?

Each new account has to be reviewed by the administration. Upon registration, your account is going to be under verification process. Once the administration reviews your account, you will be either allowed to use Secret Benefits or denied access.

How To Grant Secret Photo Access In Secret Benefits?

Another member must send you a request, and you’ll just need to accept it. Secret Albums are designed specifically for people who want to limit access to their private photos to a certain circle of people.

How To Change Name On Secret Benefits?

You can change your profile information at the top-right part of the page. There, you will find the ‘Settings’ button. Click on it, and edit everything you need! It is easy, quick, and free of charge. Changes are going to be implemented right away.

What Are Secret Photos On Secret Benefits?

On Secret Benefits, you can create Secret albums with private photos. Profile visitors won’t be able to see them unless they send you the request and you accept it and grant access to all your private images. 

How Does Secret Benefits Work?

Secret Benefits is basically a simple online dating platform for people with special needs. It allows you to communicate with women of your choice. You need to have an account to find and interact with sugar babies.

How To Find Hookers On Secret Benefits?

Secret Benefits isn’t a website for sex workers. This platform allows you to have a great time with girls who are into serious relationships based on love and mutual respect.

How To Write Sugar Daddy Message On Secret Benefits?

Sending a message on this platform is incredibly easy. First, you need to look for a person you want to communicate with. Then, you will find two icons below his profile  one with hear and one with a message bubble. Press the second icon and you will be redirected to a private chat with your potential sugar daddy!

How Do You Change Your Profile Picture On Secret Benefits?

To change a profile picture of your account, you just need to go to the top-right corner of your page and click on ‘Settings’. There, you will find a section dedicated to your profile image and features that will help you to change it.

What Is Secret Benefits Escorts?

There are no Secret Benefits escorts. The site doesn’t promote sex work and suspends the profiles of sex workers who try to join the community. This is the platform for sugar dating only. 

Does Secret Benefits Let You Know When Your Message Has Been Read?

Yes, you can see when your date reads your message.

How To Write My Greeting On Secret Benefits?

You will be able to write a Greeting upon registration. You’ll also be able to change your bio at any time. 

Bella Stewart
Bella Stewart
Bella is a sugar baby with over 5 years of experience. She signed up for her first sugar dating website when she was 22, met many successful men, including actual millionaires, and now, she’s sharing her knowledge, secret tips, and useful insights into the sugar world with visitors of
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