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Guide #2. What Is The Meaning Of Sugar Daddy
Guide #2. What Is The Meaning Of Sugar Daddy
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Guide #2. What Is The Meaning Of Sugar Daddy

Latest update: Dec 15, 2020
Vernon Marshall
what is a sugar daddy

Sugar daddies are all about business and excitement. They are men who wish to find a partner who is beautiful, loyal, and know what a modern man desires. The meaning of a sugar daddy is simple – he has conquered the world of business and now wants to conquer the world of love and happiness!

What does sugar daddy mean?

A sugar daddy is a wealthy, usually older gentleman seeking both romantic and sexual relationships with younger girls, which are usually called sugar babies. There is nothing vulgar or immoral about being sugar daddies – thousands of men dream of achieving this status. In this article, we are going to help you understand why men like sugar relationships, what risks and pitfalls there are in sugar dating, how to find a perfect sugar baby, and many more. Sugar dating is a beneficial communication for both men and women as all receive what they seek!

What is Splenda daddy?

As mentioned above, thousands if not millions of men around the world dream of becoming sugar daddies. However, not all manage to achieve this dream – many older men remain Splenda daddies, and we will explain to you who they are! A Splenda daddy is a man who strives to be a sugar daddy but just does not have enough money and wealth to pull it off. It is a man who wants to spoil his girlfriend, but cannot splurge too much money. The reason why they are called like that is quite simple – Splenda is an artificial sweetener that just tries to be like sugar!

splenda daddy

Why men like sugar relationships: the psychology of sugar daddies

While there can be a wide diversity of men who consider themselves sugar daddies, most of the time, these guys have pretty common reasons to look for such relationships. Sugar daddies are usually quite experienced - many of them are either divorced or have had many romantic relationships. They do not seek something serious, although there are cases in which a sugar relationship developed into serious and family-oriented communication.

Men like being sugar daddies because they enjoy the sweet and not complicated stage - just like a honeymoon. Men get what they want - they are treated well, enjoy the relationships, and are viewed as heroes for providing girls with the best lifestyle. Wealthy guys can find sugar babies and enjoy these emotions and feelings. Since most of the time, sugar dating combines the intertwined life of companionship with romantic and sexual relationships, a break-up is not considered as something purely negative. Being a sugar daddy means having an ability to date as many sugar babies at the same time as one may think.

You may agree that feeling yourself as a stud who can easily have a date with beauty can raise your self-esteem. Indeed, the very fact that you do not merely enjoy a prostitute for a one-night stand, sugar relationships involve multidimensional and ongoing interactions. You support your sugar baby financially, while she gives you emotional and sexual pleasure. Such combination of success and freedom is what encourages men to become sugar daddies.

Risks and pitfalls of sugaring: the sugar daddy’s side

Sugar dating is very appealing and exciting, there is no point in denying. However, there are some risks associated with this fun and entertaining concept. While a man can expect to have a series of perfect and mind-blowing dates with girls, over time as a sugar daddy, it will become harder to ignore the underlying business dynamic. Sugar relationships are about you getting pleasure and your sugar baby getting money. The majority of girls who become sugar babies view such relationships as an opportunity to make money. And there is nothing wrong with that! A man who is willing to pay for a company should understand that his company can have purely mercantilist reasons. Therefore, sugar relationship are not recommended for men who look for true love and happiness.

While online dating becomes more and more reliable and safe, it is possible to say that sugar dating can be fraudulent. There are some sites that can scam you. To protect yourself from scam and fraud, use websites and apps that are well-known and respectable like Seeking Arrangement, SugarDaddy, Secret Benefits, etc.

sugar daddy dating

So, let’s sum up and define some more things to note before seeking a sugar baby! A man shouldn’t start all this if:

  • He doesn’t have enough money to support the most demanding woman
  • He looks for deep and emotional relationship
  • He wants to fall in love
  • He supposes that sugar babies will do anything for money
  • He believes that sugar babies and prostitutes are basically the same

Getting a successful sugar relationship: guide, rules, legalities

So, how can a successful man build an excellent sugar relationship? We can recommend starting with these steps:

  • Figure out what you want. First, you need to realize what type of relationships you want. A sugar daddy is a man who makes at least $200,000-$300,000 and is around and over 35. A sugar baby, on the other hand, should be around 22-27 years old, stunningly beautiful, and eager to explore her desires.
  • Set the budget and expectations. Sugar dating is a combination of fun and business. As a wealthy and successful man, a sugar daddy should set financial limitations or allowance that he could provide for his sugar baby. A sugar baby, in her turn, needs to realize how much money she needs and will get in exchange for being the sugar daddy's partner.
  • Set up an online profile. Create a detailed and informative online profile on a sugar dating platform. Your account has to be appealing, interesting, and honest.
  • Look for a partner. Based on what you seek and expect from a sugar relationship, browse through profiles of the users and pick those who meet your preferences.
  • Plan the communication and dates. Figure out how to impress your partner beforehand – your relationships should be based on emotions and communication.

If you want to learn more tricks about developing the best sugar relationships, take a look at our guide on sugar relationship #5 – there you can find everything you may need to know.

How sugar daddies can find sugar babies?

Nowadays, there are many opportunities to find a wonderful date. However, sugar dating is unique due to the nature of the communication and relationships that develop among people. If you want to know how to meet a wonderful partner for sugar dating, this list will help you a lot.

  1. Sugar dating websites. There are many platforms that can help you meet a wonderful sugar partner. These sites specialize in scam-free, secure, and even anonymous services that can help you find a perfect partner. It is fast, effective, comfortable, and easy.
  2. Conventional dating sites and apps. It is also an option! While you may need to look longer for your ideal partner, this option is also very viable. In particular, Tinder-like apps are ideal for people who seek beautiful people for sugar dating.
  3. Advertising sites. Young people who seek sugar relationships often use advertising sites to find a wealthy and experienced partner. However, such platforms may be filled with scams and fraud.
  4. Ask people you know. There must be someone you know who is a sugar daddy. Just ask him for help – even though you may look like competitors, there are plenty of fish in the sea! If you wish to learn more about tips on where to meet sugar babies, check out our guide #1 made to help one find a sugar baby.

How do men pay for sugar babies’ services?

While some may say that it can be quite immoral to pay for communication, mature and successful men would disagree with these people. If a man wants to have a date with a young and beautiful woman, he just should look for a sugar baby! Now, let’s take a look at how much you pay and how to pay for their services!

How often should men pay?

Everything depends on your agreement with a sugar baby. You can pay per visit or per month of communication. Take a look at this detailed guide to learn average daily and monthly costs! The benefits of paying per date are obvious – you may decide how often you want to see a certain sugar baby. Monthly allowance also has its benefits as you do not need to think about paying your girlfriend every date.

How often should sugar baby and sugar daddy meet?

Again, everything depends on the schedule and demands. A man can date different sugar babies every single day if it does not interfere with your business. On average, 2-3 times a week can be enough for sugar daddies.

How do men pay?

Talk to your sugar baby – she may want to get cash allowance or get a bank transfer. Some sugar daddies can lend their credit cards, yet it can be quite dangerous as there is a high chance that your date can spend every single dollar. The safest approach is cash.

Sugar dating legalities

Of course, sugar dating is absolutely legal and ethical. It has nothing to do with prostitution or escort services. The very essence of sugar relationships is companionship for fair compensation. Whether you have sex or not, it does not matter. If you need more information on this topic, you can find it in our special guide, where all the legalities regarding sugar dating are discussed and explained.

So, sugar relationships are legal, mutual, and respectful. No one forces a sugar baby to date a sugar daddy – as long as she agrees to have a date with him, a meeting is arranged. The foundation of such communication is based on mutual respect. Some people confuse sugar dating with prostitution. However, prostitution is all about sex, while sugar dating is about beneficial relationships. If a sugar baby does not want to have sexual relations with a sugar daddy, she can express her concerns and discuss the conditions of their relationships.

While prostitution is largely prohibited, sugar dating is available and legal across the globe. There are dozens if not hundreds of rules involved in making an arrangement so that both partners feel safe and protected. So, sugar dating is not illegal – you can safely look for a beautiful partner without any concerns!

Kinds of relationships between sugar daddies and sugar babies

While the concept of sugar dating is pretty much simple, there are many types and kinds of sugar relationships. Finding a sugar baby does not mean finding a sex toy. For example, you can easily look for sugar companionship – relationships that allow a woman to be involved in man’s life without anything sexual. Sugar friendship allows two friends to have beneficial yet asexual relationships. Sugar friendship with benefits, on the other hand, introduces an intimate twist to such communication. Sugar dating is the most common form of sugaring – companionship with sex. Lastly, there is so-called sugar prostitution – emotionless sex in the exchange for sex.

Regardless of what you seek, you need to understand that sugar relationships should be beneficial for both sugar babies and sugar daddies. Whether you seek sexual satisfaction or simply want to find a loyal and supportive friend, sugar dating can help you find what you need! Sugar dating is not immoral or illegal – it is a way for successful men to get what they deserve and need. And there is nothing wrong about paying for that!


We have discussed a lot about sugar dating! Now you know who sugar daddies and sugar babies are. To be honest, the world of sugar dating is exceptionally popular. Many platforms offer high quality and safe sugar dating experiences. Looking for a young, sweet, and beautiful woman is what millions of men around the world desire. Men who want drama-free relationships that are full of satisfaction and pleasure, should try sugar dating which can shower even the busiest ambitious person the dreamy relationship. And to sum up our article, we will emphasize that sugar dating revolves around a few simple rules a sugar daddy should remember and follow:

  • Use online sugar dating websites – they offer the best quality and low chances of fraud or scam. Modern dating sugar sites will find a date of a certain age, appearance, and ambitions.
  • Make sure that your relationships develop on both your and your date’s terms. Finding a date who just wants a platonic relationship and demands thousands of dollars is not the spirit of sugar dating! You need to satisfy all your needs.
  • Do not expect to have sex with your partner on the first date. Although it may happen, you should probably discuss it beforehand.
  • Remember that sugar dating does not revolve around sexual pleasure alone. Sugar dating can and usually should include traveling, shopping, and other entertaining activities that you and your partner can enjoy.
  • Try to avoid romantic relationships – sugar dating is not about love. If you feel that you start falling in love with your sugar partner, it is better to end the relationships. Similarly, if you see that your date is more than just a companion for you, move on before this person dramatically affects your life!
  • Do not be afraid of ending the relationships. Sugar dating is more about comfort and pleasure than deep love or emotional suffering.
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