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Do Sugar Babies Have to Sleep With Sugar Daddies?
Do Sugar Babies Have to Sleep With Sugar Daddies?
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Do Sugar Babies Have to Sleep With Sugar Daddies?

Jeremy White
Sugar Baby with Sugar Daddy

To many of our readers, the question “Does a sugar baby sleep with a sugar daddy?” may seem redundant, as it seems obvious that it’s exactly what sugar babies do. However, the real answer to this question is not as one-dimensional and there can be different ways to approach this issue. The short answer is yes, sugar babies typically sleep with their sugar daddies, and here is what else you need to know about it.

Talk about intimacy

Yes, a few men would agree to pay a girl their money just for her company. The big percent of sugar daddies do want their sugar baby to be as close to them as it is possible, even physically. Well, it is called a mutually beneficial relationship (read more about this  sugar daddy relationship expectations  guide), right? So this is how they benefit.

Be straightforward

Sugar daddies are usually very honest about their expectations, and so should be you. Think about what you are ready to give and state it as well as what you want to get for it. Honesty will lead to the better understanding.


Discuss the financial issue before the date to not have any confusion when you finally meet your sugar baby. First dates aren’t meant for sexual relations, but further meetings can be a surprise for you (in case you don’t follow this rule). Nobody really pays money to sugar babies on the first date. You can give her the allowance later, when both of you see that they really match.


For any further interaction to happen, you have to like each other. It is not about the feelings, but the appearance has to be attractive at least. You wouldn’t like to sleep with a sugar baby who is not attractive to you physically. So, you have to be pleasant to each other, otherwise, the whole dating thing loses its point.

Agree and disagree

Before you go even on the first date, make sure that both your sugar daddy and you, a sugar baby, have the same views and ideas about your relationship. Discuss the details, find the things you both agree on. To not have any troubles later on, touch even the most uncomfortable topics like sleeping. It will save your time if the woman is not for you. And it will keep you safe just in case, so you won’t be a victim of a scammer.

It is not prostitution

A lot of people mistake sugar dating for prostitution. However, these things are not the same. Here is the thing: sugar dating is, first of all, dating. It includes leisure time spent together, restaurants, trips, communication. So, both the man and sugar baby contribute to the relationship. Hence, you can’t call that just “sleeping for money”. Sugar babies do more, and sugar daddies ask for more too. After all, it is just no feelings there. And not every person needs feelings nowadays, so a mutually beneficial relationship works for many couples all around the world.

3 things a sugar baby isn’t obliged to do but can do if she wants

Sugar dating can be very diverse as there isn’t a clear definition of a sugar relationship, and the whole sugar dating scene is still in its early stages. There are 3 things sugar babies are presumed to always agree to, but in reality, they only depend on the sugar baby herself and your arrangement:

  • Making the relationship exclusive. If a sugar daddy demands that a sugar baby doesn’t see anyone else, the sugar baby has to make sure this relationship meets all of her needs.
  • Always agreeing to dates. Freedom of choice is the basis of a sugar relationship, and no matter how handsomely a sugar baby is compensated for her time, she can skip or postpone the dates.
  • Changing her appearance. There are sugar daddies who want to see specific features in the appearance of their sugar babies, but even the most generous reward can’t make her do it over her own will.
Geremy White
Jeremy White
Jeremy is an expert in the Sugar Dating area and a consultant on flirting and the psychology of different kinds of relationships. Jeremy creates content that delivers ideas clearly and makes it easier for our readers to choose partners and date.
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