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How To Become A Sugar Baby?
How To Become A Sugar Baby?
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How To Become A Sugar Baby?

Bella Stewart
beautiful sugar babbies on couch

If you are reading this, you may think of becoming a sugar baby, but before you start looking for a sugar daddy, you should be 100% sure that your expectations are realistic.

So, how to be a sugar baby, and is it for you? We’re going to provide you with all the information you need to set them and provide step-by-step instructions on how to become a sugar baby.

Being a sugar baby: how to become a part of this world?

Technically, becoming a sugar baby is as easy as it seems. Every potential sugar baby has a chance to find a sugar daddy on one of the sugar dating sites or in real life (yes, it's possible, too). Still, both options have their pros and cons, and we're going to talk about these aspects in a bit more detail below.

Finding potential sugar daddies online

Most people looking for mutually beneficial relationships prefer to use sugar daddy sites to find a partner, and they make such a choice for a reason. Such platforms have members who are interested in this very type of relationship, have useful features aimed at helping a user find a sugar baby or a sugar daddy, and protect members' privacy. All in all, joining one of the good sugar daddy websites improves your chances of finding a partner in the near future.

However, it's crucially important to choose a safe niche website with a large pool of SDs. Here are some of our top picks for women who believe that being a sugar baby is exactly what can make them happier and wealthier:

  • SecretBenefits. This is the most known and probably the most popular sugar dating website (now it has 10 million members worldwide, and over 5 million members in the US). About 2 million members are sugar daddies/mommas. There is a strict verification procedure that allows getting rid of fake accounts. Daddies and mommas provide information on their income.
  • Ashley Madison. This is a popular website (has millions of members worldwide, 15+ million members in the USA) designed for married/attached people who are still looking for a partner. The site works for people seeking sugar arrangements, too.
  • This is another popular sugar website. It accepts sugar daddies only from the 20 countries to ensure that they can afford a sugar baby. Almost 8,000 users login to the site daily.
  • WhatsYourPrice. This sugar dating platform accepts men and women looking for sugar relationships. Currently, it has 30% of sugar daddies worldwide.

You may choose other sugar dating sites if you want to, but we recommend checking their privacy policies (confidentiality is essential), finding out how many rich men use them, and how the site accepts the new daddies (some platforms may accept men who can’t afford a sugar baby, but still look for a hot lady to date).

By the way, social media accounts work too — there's a chance that if your profile is good enough, you can become a sugar baby almost accidentally if an attractive and successful man finds you on Instagram. Though having a great profile with tons of great photos is always an advantage for a sugar baby, we'd not recommend relying only on it.

How to become a sugar baby: The checklist to attract a sugar daddy

Saying 'I want to be a sugar baby’ and even joining one of the sugar communities isn’t enough to build a successful sugar career. Let’s say, you’ve already chosen one of the sugar daddy websites that meet all your requirements and expectations. What’s next? Here are some tips that can help you stand out and find a sugar daddy in the shortest time possible.

cute sugar babby in hat
  • Create a good profile. On top sugar daddy websites, competition between sugar babies is more than just fierce. Provide all the information you'd like potential sugar daddies to know, choose your best photos, and add a video, if possible.
  • Contact SDs. Don't wait for a message from a sugar daddy—try to find men who're interested in the same things as you are, and reach them by sending a wink, like, or a message.
  • Discuss the terms. Yes, a sugar baby and a sugar daddy are both looking for a mutually beneficial relationship, but the terms vary. What are you into and what is not acceptable for you? Learn everything about his desires, too. Discuss the type of payment (a monthly allowance or PPM) and the amount of financial compensation.
  • Meet a sugar daddy in real life the sooner the better. Don't delay the date—that's the only way to understand if you really match each other.
  • Enjoy your sugar relationship and follow the terms you both approved before starting it.

Now let’s proceed to dating in real life—local or international.

Finding a sugar partner in real life

Joining a sugar dating site is not the only option for a sugar baby seeking sugar daddy relationships. Though most sugar relationships start online, there are some ways to find a partner in real life, too:

  • Through friends. If you have a friend who's a sugar baby or someone who often communicates with successful men, you may ask this person to invite you to parties or other events to meet someone who may become your sugar daddy.
  • By going to fancy places. Attractive women find partners offline pretty easily, but the thing is you'll hardly meet a sugar daddy in Mcdonald's. If you can afford to visit fancy restaurants, hotels, clubs, etc., you can meet someone there, but there are drawbacks, too. In particular, you'll need to explain that you're not into sex work but definitely into sugar relationships.

Note that this may work if you live in one of the places with the largest number of sugar daddies like New York, Chicago, Dallas, and some other big cities. As you can see, with these methods, a lot depends on luck, and a sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy IRL will definitely need more time and effort to meet a good partner.

How to become a sugar baby: the essentials each SB needs to know

What makes me a good sugar baby? Actually, it’s the best question every woman who’s going to start this career can ask. If you’re interested in what’s sugar dating, who are sugar babies and sugar daddies in details, you can check our complete guides.

Sugar relationships have nothing to do with straightforward sex-for-money transactions. The very word “dating” in this term refers to the things we usually mean by dating: the arrangement that involves chemistry, compatibility, and companionship. That’s why most researchers, dictionaries, and even daters themselves define sugar dating as long-term relationships (or short-term sugar relationships, depending on partners themselves) that are somewhere in between regular dating and escort. The fact that a mutually beneficial arrangement is supposed to involve affection, chemistry, and companionship means that it is still a type of dating.

Hence, a sugar baby is a female or a male who is financially cared for by a sugar daddy or sugar mama in exchange for companionship, including sexual favor. People often confuse it with a FWB relationship or NSA relationship, but though you can be friends or have no strings attached, financial care is what distinguishes sugar arrangements from all other types of relationships.

As studies show, in such relationships, companionship is primary, and the economic transaction is secondary. This very fact helps many sugar babies get rid of hesitation related to the association of sugar dating with prostitution. Yes, money still plays a big role in an arrangement, but it’s not like just accepting the payment for any service.

The most important thing for a sugar baby: Realistic expectations

Please note that though sugar dating is not an escort, sugar babies should still be realistic about such relationships. Some good sugar daddy sites depict men as perfect gentlemen who will do anything for you, care for you and pay for you without expecting anything in exchange.

pretty sugar babby on vacation

In particular, they depict such perfect “princes” as the ones who wouldn’t expect sex before your 20th date and who would agree to pay for all those dates, as well as a sugar baby’s bills. Remember that these relationships are “mutually beneficial”, so a sugar daddy (who can really be kind, likable, and well-mannered, of course) will still expect you to give him the things he wants from his baby, from trust and fun to the physical.

Want to become a male sugar baby? It’s simple, too

Things work the same for male sugar babies. Just like female babies, they don’t jump straight into sex, and their sugar mommas or daddies support them financially, as well. More importantly, top sites accept members looking for same-sex relationships as well as sugar boys looking for mommies. If you want to become a sugar boy, you can also join SecretBenefits,, and WhatsYourPrice.

cute sugar couple resting

Motivation for becoming a sugar baby: The top 4 reasons for seeking daddy

As we have noted above, sugar babies are financially cared for by daddies. But what exactly does this mean? Do they pay bills or give high-end gifts? Or maybe both? Is there anything besides money that a sugar baby can get? Well, here are some benefits of being in a sugar relationship.

  1. Money and/or gifts. As we have noted above, sponsorship is still an essential part of sugar dating. In fact, most sugar babies choose this path for plenty of reasons. Some want to pay their student loans, some want a sugar daddy to pay the bills, and some look for luxury life and designer clothes. The thing is all of them can get what they want. After all, it is part of the agreement, and a lady is one of the parties who define the conditions. 

  2. It’s your choice. People who don’t like the idea of sugar dating usually say that babies need to date “ugly” old men for money. It’s not true. Yes, a sugar daddy is usually significantly older than a sugar baby (often, SDs are 45-55 years old), but you’d be surprised to find out how many good-looking men (married or not) look for sugar dates. Moreover, you are the one who makes a choice. If you join a good platform, you will be able to search for a good match with plenty of filters, including height, weight, hair color, etc.

  3. Mentorship. Sometimes, we all need a mentor — the one who will support us, help us, the one who always gives good advice. And again, sugar dating is not only about money, and not only about chemistry — for most sugar daddies, but it’s also a possibility to meet, date, hug, have dinners, and have sex with a beautiful young woman, and for women, it’s a possibility to find a mentor who’d support her, as financially, as mentally.

  4. Travels. That’s what a lot of sugar babies love most — many sugar daddies don’t go on vacation without their beautiful companions. For many college students and young girls, this is the only chance to see the world and enjoy all those trips with a man they respect. 

beautiful sugar babby on beach

What about the earnings? According to the statistics provided by a top sugar dating site WhatsYourPrice, a sugar baby earns about $2,800 a month. This is the average sum, though, so you can earn more or less, so choose a sugar daddy carefully. 

Things to know before being a sugar baby: Forewarned is forearmed

Of course, sugar dating has its benefits, as well as drawbacks. However, the more you know about the danger, the better your chance to protect yourself. That’s why we recommend taking a close look at the list below: 

  1. Beauty is not forever. Some researchers note that though babies have power over sugar daddies, it can “fade away with their looks”. Being sponsored may be addictive, and it’s not forever. That’s why it is crucially important to remind yourself that you need a plan B. Babies who keep this in mind usually save, go to college, invest in something, etc., not to be fully dependent on sugar daddies. Living in the moment is fun, but you also need to think about tomorrow. 

  2. Not feeling good about yourself. It’s important to understand that sugar dating is not for everyone. Some girls and boys feel bad about themselves, and that means only one thing — they should live. There are a lot of happy babies who aren’t concerned about a daddy’s family or the fact that they are paid for dating. Still, there are people who shouldn’t do this just because of the bad consequences for their mental health. 

  3. Scam. Take all necessary safety precautions. A daddy who tells you he’ll pay after your 3rd date, delays payments, tells you that he’s a billionaire but takes you to the cheapest restaurant in your city is likely to be a “sugar fraud”. By the way, this is one of the reasons why we recommend joining the websites that check the information provided by members, in particular, the information on their income.

  4. Jealousy is not okay. Sometimes, babies and daddies discuss and agree that a baby shouldn’t date anyone else. In this case, a daddy has the right to be mad about you going out with a guy. However, if monogamy was not discussed, and he is pathologically jealous, it is a bad sign.

Yes, things can go wrong no matter if you are a sugar baby or not. The secret is to be careful, understand who you are dating, be realistic, and think about tomorrow. There are more things to consider, for example, being a sugar baby and having a boyfriend can work for some SBs and be a disaster to others, but the above-mentioned aspects are the most important ones. Think of them carefully, and it will be already a good beginning that will help you avoid disappointments. If you are a rational person who understands that though sugar dating can give you the life you wouldn’t have otherwise, it still doesn’t mean that you can be careless or dream of Mr. Christian Gray, a billionaire who will fall in love with you forever.

Can sugar baby have a relationship with someone else?

Sugar dating is a popular type of relationship for open-minded people. There are no burdens, no unrealistic expectations, or dramas that usually take place in traditional relationships. Sugar babies share their attention, love, and care with sugar daddies in exchange for financial support and other material benefits like gifts.

Sugar babies and sugar daddies feel happy in such a relationship because each of them gets what they want. However, some newbie sugar babies wonder: is it possible to date two or more sugar daddies at once? Or is it possible to have a traditional boyfriend while dating a sugar daddy?

asking man

So here’s the answer to your question on whether you can date someone else when dating a sugar daddy — yes, you can, but it depends.

Now, ask yourself this set of questions to find out whether in your particular case you can kill two (or more) birds with one stone. 

#1. Is your sugar daddy against you dating someone else?

Sugar daddies are usually rich, influential men with strong egos. Not all of them might want to see their favorite sugar babies dating other sugar daddies (they may be less worried about traditional boyfriends, though). If you hide the fact that you’re seeing other rich men, your sugar daddy may break up with you. Moreover, this may affect your further future as a sugar baby.

So what should you do? Be honest. Even before you start dating, ask the sugar daddy about his opinion — is he ok with you dating other wealthy guys? If yes, then the problem is solved. If not, well, you have to make a decision — date him while clandestinely seeing another man (which is very risky for you) or look for another sugar daddy.

#2. Does your boyfriend know you are a sugar baby?

Here honesty is the key too. Dating a sugar daddy while being in a traditional relationship will be unveiled sooner or earlier. How will you explain to your boyfriend all the cash or gifts that you get from «nowhere»? You won’t be able to hide it for too long.

You can tell your boyfriend about your preferences directly — if he genuinely loves you and wants you to be happy and do what you want, he will understand. In fact, your relationship may even get spiced up if you tell him you don’t mind an open relationship. However, some sugar babies don’t like to discuss their sugar life and hide it from all the close people; such a situation can happen if high level of secrecy is one of sugar arrangement's main points.

a couple

#3. How do you feel about that?

For some girls, dating several men at a time — no matter who they are, sugar daddies or traditional partners — is an easy thing. They get attention and support from each of them. However, other girls are more monogamous.

So who are you? It’s all about your feelings and perceptions. If you want to date several sugar daddies at once and get benefits from them while sharing your care—then why not? You should only discuss (ot try to discuss) it directly with all your daddies; if they agree on it, you can do anything you want in several sugar relationships.

What about the sugar daddy?

Now you know how to become a sugar baby. But the truth is you should also know how to be a successful sugar baby. In fact, one of the most important rules of being a sugar baby is never telling others too many details about your arrangement. If you feel like it, you can tell your closest friends, family, and even your boyfriend what you do for an extra source of income. However, you should never disclose the identity of your sugar daddy, where he works, or some of the more private details of your relationship. Over 40% of sugar daddies are married, but even if your sugar daddy is single, he may not be too thrilled about the idea of publicizing your relationship. You can always ask him if he is fine with you talking about the arrangement with others.

All in all, listen to your heart and be honest with your partners, especially sugar daddies. The latter are different so talking to them in advance about your vision of sugar dating is crucial. Don’t miss that chance.

Bella Stewart
Bella Stewart
Bella registered on her first Sugar Dating site when she was 22. For the last 5 years, she’d experienced plenty of ups and downs in relationships with men, and now she shares her knowledge and tips with men and women interested in the sugar bowl.
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