10 Important Questions for Sugar Arrangement


Sugar dating is a bandwagon nowadays. It’s a relationship in which a sugar daddy, usually a rich man, provides a sugar baby with material support in exchange for her care and love. Such relationships are still uncommon though, and there’s a lot on each side to discuss before entering it. Here are some questions to help you out.

1. Does your relationship envisage sex?

Both sugar baby and sugar daddy should reach a consensus in terms of their sexual ties. Is it just a platonic relationship? Or is it more like a friends-with-benefits issue? Or is it only about sex with no other components of a relationship?

The sugar couple should also agree on how often and what kinds of sex (traditional, BDSM, etc.) they are going to have.

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2. Will you do sexting on regular basis?

Sugar daddies love asking their sugar babes for nudes. But is it acceptable for a sugar baby? If she doesn’t want it but the daddy insists, maybe it’s not a good idea to enter the relationship.

3. Shall the sugar daddy pay in cash or with gifts?

For sugar babies, it is crucial, especially for those who consider their sugar dating the main source of income.

4. How regular should be the endowments of the sugar daddy?

What does define a sugar daddy? His generosity. And the more often he expresses it, the better for the sugar baby.

5. How much each in the couple is ready to invest in the relationship?

If a sugar daddy and sugar baby have different views on the devotion to the relationship, they might not end up being together. It is crucial that each in the couple is eager to spend a certain amount of time on their partner.

6. Will sugar baby be getting additional support for beauty expenses?

This is another question related to financial issues. If a sugar daddy expects his girl to take good care of herself, visit salons and dress up accordingly, it is better he provides for her appearance additionally.

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7. Is there space for falling in love?

What should a sugar couple do in case one of them (or both) falls in love? Should they end up the relationship or should they give it a try? That’s what you need to find out before you start dating sugar.

8. How much of the privacy shall each of you have?

Sugar daddies often have wives and reputations that in no way can be tarnished. If it’s the case, a sugar baby needs to understand that neither she should stalk her date in life nor leave traces of their relationship on social media.

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9. Are both of you open for other relationships?

Some sugar daddies can be possessive and if they learn that their sugar babe has another sponsor or boyfriend, they may get furious and cut the ties. Therefore, a girl may find herself with no financial support. So it’s better to sort out everything at the dawn of the relationship.

10. In which cases shall you terminate your sugar relationship?

That’s the final crucial question that sugar daddy and sugar baby should ask each other. Can cheating be the end of their interaction? Or maybe it’s violence or abuse? Or maybe it’s when one of them falls in love? Clarify it and enjoy your sweet sugar dating!

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